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Cory Charles // 

As an award-winning sales professional, certified sales coach and sales mentor for multi-billion-dollar public companies. Cory pulls from his years of experience across industries to motivate, inspire and empower teams to elevate their performance in sales, customer service and leadership. Using his out of the box Salesvational style Cory inspires audiences through heartfelt storytelling, sharp wit and practical tips and tools that can be employed immediately! 


Cory’s goal with every engagement is to inspire and empower others to push past their own limitations so they can overcome obstacles to reach their full potential. With a multi-faceted style that mixes humor, video, music and relatable stories, your team will be engaged and entertained as they experience a roller-coaster ride of laughter, tears, chills and still more laughter while walking away with a fresh perspective. 


Core Expertise 

Salesology – The Sales Excellence Experience

Saleslosophy – A New Sales Philosophy

Being resilient during times of change

Facing adversity

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