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The number ONE issue with a company not achieving its mission is not having a clear strategy.

The number TWO issue is training and education.

With each client, we will focus on understanding specific needs, developing strategy, and training and educating team members utilizing The SALES EXCELLENCE EXPERIENCE, Salesology.

What makes this program different from others? Salesology isn’t about “how to sell’,” but about “how consumers buy,” and the thought processes that drive their decision-making behavior. When you understand how people buy, it’s easier to sell to them.

That’s a new approach to selling!

At FFB C, we aim to help your sales team understand WHO the male or female youth consumer really is, HOW to think like them, and convince your clients that your insights will allow them to grow their business with you.

We will train your team on new techniques using the insights from some of the biggest companies in the world while catering to their skills.


  • Consumer Education

  • New Product Training

  • Presentation Skills

  • Strategy Education

  • Sales Support & Training

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