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How Apple's Consumer Privacy Rules = More Marketing Cost For Brands

Have you noticed that you're paying more and perhaps getting less ROI on your marketing spend? At this point, Apple,s privacy initiative is old news but the challenges that digital marketers have been facing continue into 2022. These "opt-in" privacy settings for tracking user data have been a challenge for marketers as fewer data points are available to understand Ads effectiveness in producing the kind of ROAS needed to keep brands profitable.

On the one hand, it's great for customers to have a say regarding who uses their data but on the other hand, it comes at a cost to brands who depend on this data to both target and track marketing campaigns engagement. Marketers are tracking less and guessing more on the effectiveness of their campaigns. They must now find additional resources to address the lack of available data that once was used by these algorithms for customer segmentation.

The good news is that there is a way! Our data scientists at FFB have a few tools that can come in handy here. Come talk to us about our AI-Assisted Active Buyer Personas that will segment your customers by a variety of attributes allowing you to reduce the time the social media sites algorithm needs to effectively train, allowing you to quickly to your desired ROI.

Come talk to us about building an active buyer persona for your brand or business. FFB C. The Future Favors the Brave.

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