Consumers are drawing lines in the sand... What side is your brand on?

So there you are, new company, new brand, new product… now what?

One word - Community.

According to Mintel’s 2021 Global Consumer Trend Report, “Consumers more saliently see and understand the essential needs of their immediate physical community, and they are seeking brands that leverage resources to offer positive impacts readily felt on a local and regional scale.”

You would think that this has something to do with the COVID-19 Pandemic and actually... it does but this is not a new thing. Back in the day brands like Google, Nike, and Starbucks started locally doing community based marketing. Companies that focus on building communities by either getting closer to an existing one or helping one to start make a powerful impression and impact causing lasting emotional bonds with the brand.

It's 2021 and activism is on the rise. Consumers are making some adjustments. They are drawing lines in the sand and most of these lines involve the brands they choose to patronize based on how the brands are impacting their communities. The question for you is what side of the line will you be on?

Assuming you chose the right side. Step two is what community marketing strategies do you put in place? How do you connect your brand to the local community authentically? And will your target market/community be receptive to your desire to connect with them? That’s the sandbox (pun intended) we play in. At FFB C we know the community. Our diverse team of commercial strategists, marketers and cultural connectors makes this game fun. After all we were born out of the culture that drives brands forward. Come play with us. Let's build a community together that builds your brand.

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