Is your brand lazy??

In today’s fast paced consumer world, your brand can not sit back and let others tell your story. Furthermore, you cannot use the old playbook of finding “the new hot and upcoming rapper, artist or musician” and think that will be enough. What story are you telling? Are you connecting it to the culture? Can you make your story rich and deep enough to inspire a connection to your product or even more importantly, to your brand? From our research findings, building a bridge to what is important to your consumer and the impact of what is culturally and emotionally meaningful to them is even more important than even before.

Having said that, your agency partners need to have the ability to go beyond the depths to discover the true meaning of that last statement.

The key to the journey is to surround yourself with strategic partners that are culturally connected but also have a creative lens that can help your brand connect these dots.

Is heritage important to Gen Z? Yes Can you live on that? No Do they want new ? Yes Do they want a deeper relationship? Yes Do they get tired of brands and products easy? Yes Enter the golden age of Netflix!! How can you keep their interest long-term to go beyond one hot item or launch, to develop a long-term following like Popeyes is currently attempting to do. For those of you that have been behind a rock, Popeyes last year launched what turned out to be the hottest chicken sandwich in the market. For those of you that haven’t tried it, please run to the nearest Popeyes right now for lunch and plan on passing on dinner after. After 48 years, they have now become the fast food restaurant that everyone is chasing. Now everyone is copying their recipe from Wendy’s to Burger King. They have to keep moving and find what’s next.

Can they? Will they ? Is the question.

Many companies are looking for life beyond the “chicken sandwich". Are you connecting to your target? Are you studying what they want or need? Do you have a creative commercially minded partner that understands you? We will go deep within your brand and pull out what’s important. By doing that, we will make that connection from your goals to your consumer.. No time to be lazy!!

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