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Please Stop Putting Faces on Your Buyer Personas!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Meet Helena. She's the head of HR, She's in her 30s, and based on her identifiers above she has a calm demeanor. Now go develop a marketing campaign to get her to buy your new mascara! Though some marketers may be able to break through and connect with Helena, if that's you, Kudos!! However, most others may find it somewhat challenging to effectively reach her. The traditional way we've constructed buyer personas where we identified basic demographic and geographic information along with job titles and such has not really made much difference in getting us closer to what drives Helena to purchase your mascara, even if we gave this persona a name with the intention of connecting with her. More on that later.

You see Helena is not buying your mascara because her name is Helena, she's not buying it because she's the head of HR and she's definitely not buying it because she has a calm demeanor, She's buying it because it makes her look and feel beautiful. Now supplement that with her motivations for buying and pain points associated with mascaras in general, then you begin to dive into the specifics of how to connect with this buyer and hence create marketing campaigns that are suited to trigger a response from her.

More on the name and other very specific attributes. Note that if Helena is your target consumer, you may inadvertently or subconsciously narrow your scope in what products you design, develop, and market. Because you are marketing to someone that looks like her which can potentially lead to neglecting many other customers in your target audience that may look nothing like Helena, much less is the head of HR and has a calm demeanor and even lesser still is named Helena.

So forget the face, forget the name, and any other attributes that don't contribute to why you've created this persona in the first place… which is, connecting and getting more customers and sales. Doing this will allow your marketing team, product development team, and even your customer service teams to understand how to design, market, and engage with your target consumer better, allowing for a much better connection with them and taking your ROI to the moon as they say in the cryptocurrency universe.

Interested in developing a buyer persona for your brand that will take your brand sales to the moon? Contact us at FFB The Future Favors the Brave.

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