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The HSN for youth culture

The shoppers journey is less direct for Gen Z. They want and thrive on DISCOVERY, the TRILL of the HUNT and SHARE. 

New emerging platforms, such as NTWRK, are providing the perfect space for Gen Z, to seek experiences. NTWRK offers shoppable shows featuring the best names in pop culture. Watch, Chat, Buy is the foundation of NTWRK.  NTWRK is has a mobile-first approach, and provides the platform for users to view shoppable shows, connect with other streetwear enthusiasts, and cop exclusive finds, deals, and giveaways handpicked by the NTWRK team. Dubbed the HSN for youth culture, NTWRK plans on attracting more consumers interested in a multitude of industries such as fashion, music, collectibles, and art. Drake and global concert promoter Live Nation are betting on youth culture and NTWRK, the two led the second round of funding for NTWRK in 2019. That is the EXPERIENCE Gen Z are seeking. 

Brands who are capitalizing on these platforms are defining the 'new' omnichannel strategy. FFB C can provide a fresh new omnichannel strategy and solution to add value and an experience to the customer journey. We deliver the right solutions the first time by focusing on creating an immersive and shareable experience for your customers. We help you bring your brand to life online, in-store, with sell-through results.

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